I have lived my life relying on what others could do for me. I have never been able to complete a challenge on my own. Going to Costa Rica is my challenge and I am dedicated to complete that challenge. The challenge to me is working hard to earn what I need. The Costa Rica class as a whole needs to raise 15,000 dollars in order to go. With the hard work and dedication that I am willing to offer I am proud to say there is no doubt in my mind that we will reach this goal. The one thing that stands out to me the most about wanting to experience Costa Rica is the culture. It has been one of my dreams to go out of the country and experience their culture and relate it to mine. When I say culture I mean their difference of style of living compared to mine as in, food, housing, clothes, and environment. So I cant wait to explore and see what Costa Rica has in store for me!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chapter 6

                     Chapter 6
In chapter 6 on page 78 in the third paragraph there is a quote that says
" You can't help but wonder if you're responsible when something like this happens".  "All these years, you're told 'don't touch, be careful,' but the only way to gather understanding is to do the studies". We have recently lost a member in our Costa Rica class and it has set us back.  It's a difficult thing to move forward when you have come so far and then lost someone in the mix.  I know that as a member of the Costa Rica class that we can move forward from this and try harder.
I find this to be a motivation.  The Costa Rica class as a whole has worked very hard to come this far. I know that me and my classmates will not give up on what we do best and that is show that we can do this! So on that note I will do a brief description of chapter 6 and what it had to offer.

Throughout chapter 6 they mentioned The Golden Toad.

The Golden Toad is an extinct, small, shiny, bright-orange toad that was once abundant in a small region of high-altitude cloud-covered tropical forests, about 30 square kilometers in area, above the city of Monteverde, Costa Rica. For this reason, it is sometimes also called the Monteverde Golden Toad, or the Monte Verde Toad.

Frogs or amphibians are extremely sensitive indicators of environmental changes, as the uptake of oxygen and water through their skin can increase concentrations of pollutants, and the life cycle of frogs and toads exposes them to water and airborne contaminants. Amphibians are so sensitive to changes in the environment that scientists have likened them to a canary in a coalmine. I found the Golden Toad to be a very interesting animal. This is all that I have for this week. This is the information that I could find on the Golden Toad.

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