I have lived my life relying on what others could do for me. I have never been able to complete a challenge on my own. Going to Costa Rica is my challenge and I am dedicated to complete that challenge. The challenge to me is working hard to earn what I need. The Costa Rica class as a whole needs to raise 15,000 dollars in order to go. With the hard work and dedication that I am willing to offer I am proud to say there is no doubt in my mind that we will reach this goal. The one thing that stands out to me the most about wanting to experience Costa Rica is the culture. It has been one of my dreams to go out of the country and experience their culture and relate it to mine. When I say culture I mean their difference of style of living compared to mine as in, food, housing, clothes, and environment. So I cant wait to explore and see what Costa Rica has in store for me!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Wow I don't know where to begin. I will start off by saying that this Trip has been such an amazing experience so far. I have done so many things such as hiking, the waterfall, horseback riding , guided tours, as well as walking miles a time In which i usually would not do. I have also gotten closer to some of my classmates. April 7, 2011 we went horseback riding. It was my second time ever going horseback Riding. The minute I got on the horse the excitement began to run through my body. Although I was excited the thought of me falling off of the horse was still in my head! Especially when the horses began to gallop. But once we got going I felt like a whole new person. The thought of wow I really did this I am here in costa rica kept running through my mind.  We also went to the San Luis waterfall the same day which was so much fun. The water was a bit chilly but I got used to it. At first I did not want to go in but I knew that it it was a once in a lifetime chance. I am looking forward to the many more adventures ahead and can not ask to share them!


  1. AWESOME!!

    I am so proud of you. You did work hard in school and out of school to make this happen, so enjoy your time and let your senses "gallop" away while in paradise.

    Ellen G