I have lived my life relying on what others could do for me. I have never been able to complete a challenge on my own. Going to Costa Rica is my challenge and I am dedicated to complete that challenge. The challenge to me is working hard to earn what I need. The Costa Rica class as a whole needs to raise 15,000 dollars in order to go. With the hard work and dedication that I am willing to offer I am proud to say there is no doubt in my mind that we will reach this goal. The one thing that stands out to me the most about wanting to experience Costa Rica is the culture. It has been one of my dreams to go out of the country and experience their culture and relate it to mine. When I say culture I mean their difference of style of living compared to mine as in, food, housing, clothes, and environment. So I cant wait to explore and see what Costa Rica has in store for me!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter One

My name is Brittney I attend Robert J Lyster Academy. This year I chose to sign up for a year long class that is studying Costa Rica. Each week i will be posting a new blog with feed back from that chapter I have read . My first blog will consist of information about the first chapter such as what I found interesting and I found confusing throughout this chapter. 


Walking with wolf is a very detailed, busy, book. Although i find the book a challenge to read I find it very interesting that he has experienced so much in the time he had been in costa rica. One of the things that I did not fully understand is when he said was " All around him was the emerald jungle, the mistress he had been carrying on with for decades while his wife took care of their family" after discussing with the class this particular part of the book. I now have a better understanding to the meaning of this sentence. The most interesting thing that drew my imidiate attention is the begining qoute to each chapter. I find it easier to understand what is going throughout his mind. What I hope to see or find later on in the book that these qoutes some what have a hidden message to them about something that wolf has not shared throughtout the book and you will need to put the pieces together.I am hoping the further I get into this book the easier I will be able to comprehend things are going on.  I am verey interested to see what is going to happen in the following chapters. I do find that when wolf is talking about many things at once that it is hard to take it all in. In the 3rd chapter on page  5 wolf discusses the topic of snakes. The one paticular snake that he talked about ws poisonous fer-de-lance which are colorful corn snakes. I found this one topic very scary I have a major fear of snakes that is a way that I have related to this chapter or the book as you would say. I am very interested to see what information is to be told in the next chapter.


  1. Brittney,

    The beauty of a person's written record, like Wolf's account of his time in Costa Rica, is that you are being introduced to a REAL person. How do you like Wolf so far? Is it hard to relate to a book instead of a person in a book? I look forward to your impression of the reading.

  2. I do find the book hard to comprehend. I am sticking with the book although its frustrating. I am looking froward to reading further into the book! thanks for commenting ! look forward to chatting with you more about the boook!